Workplace Policy

Informationsteknik Scandinavia AB consciously strives to create well-being, engagement and opportunities for personal development:

  1. We not only meet the minimum requirements in terms of occupational health and safety rules and regulations, but our workplace environment also strives to be pleasant, safe and equal to all so that everyone is comfortable, happy and able to work until their retirement.
  2. The working environment should be characterized by respect and confidence in each other via an open dialogue. No form of harassment is accepted.
  3. Each team member should demonstrate a personal responsibility for his or her own and other employee's health and safety by following our workplace rules and proposing improvements and shortcomings for review where necessary.
  4. We aim to improve the working environment through considering team members suggestions on improvement and systematic workplace reviews from internal audits.
  5. The work environment is characterised by our core values: Be open, honest and clear, keep your promises, be helpful and flexible and inclusive.

In order to do your best, it is important to have a good knowledge of the work and to enjoy what you are doing.

Quality Policy

Informationsteknik Scandinavia AB is committed to providing its customers with a good service and deliver high quality solutions, availability and appropriate service levels:

  1. We will be responsive and flexible giving careful planning throughout the whole project from conception to realisation.
  2. Follow the developments in the industry and invest continuously in structured and well-maintained IT support as well as invest in our team’s skills. We will also comply with all relevant rules, regulations and constitutional requirements.
  3. Regularly make quality checks of the products. Where defects are found, these will be resolved as soon as is reasonably possible.
  4. The management will ensure that this Quality Policy is available to all team members and endeavours to create and maintain the resources for its full implementation.

In order to deliver a good service, Informationsteknik Scandinavia AB seek continuously to maintain an open dialogue and communication with their customers, employees and suppliers, we constantly aim to be better at meeting customers' needs and keep this the focus of all aspects of our business.

Environmental Policy

This environmental policy forms the basis for our environmental thinking, which we regard as a long-term commitment for a cleaner future:

  1. We not only comply with the minimum requirements set by the authorities for environmental legislation and regulations, we want to go one step further with regard to the environment. Where it is technically and economically feasible we will choose to put the environment at the forefront.
  2. We have a holistic view of the way our services impact the environment and make choices that are environmentally friendly.
  3. Market technical solutions, services and more with the environment’s best at its centre.
  4. Perform environmental work in cooperation with our customers and when necessary, with environmental conservation authorities, environmental organizations and residents.
  5. Involve and continuously educate all employees in our environmental endeavours.
  6. Be open and informative about the environmental impact resulting from our operations, production and services.
  7. Achieve our Environmental Policy by working to prevent pollution based on our meaningful environmental values and aim to achieve continuous improvement through ongoing monitoring of our established and detailed environmental goals.
  8. The CEO and management are ultimately responsible for seeing that the environmental policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all team members and on behalf of Informationsteknik Scandinavia AB, see that it is publicly available.