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Permanent hybrid studio at Grand Hôtel

The studio makes it possible to create different types of content for participants, regardless of whether they are in the room or follow the broadcast digitally.

The hybrid studio is adapted and tailored based on each specific need and occasion. The technical equipment makes it possible to create high-tech events where participants can be on site in the room, via web link or both parts at the same time.

The equipment, which is the best in each category, consists of several integrated LCD screens, wireless microphone systems, projection, remote cameras, streaming of sound and image, adjustable background and decor light, and there are also technician on site. At the same time, the room has 215 seats and private lounge areas adjacent, which is perfect for break mingling and exhibitions. Everything can be easily adapted safely to current restrictions and recommendations.

Studio Stockholm can of course also continue to be used for physical meetings.

Book your hybrid studio at:  eller 08- 679 35 50

For technical questions or support, email or call us: eller 08-446 63 21 


We offer remote video meetings in co-operation with Stockholm Waterfront

With the introduction of Waterfront Studio, specifically created for video conferencing & streaming, we now offer the possibility for effective yet safe meetings.
We supply the technology to help you reach participants wherever they might be.! We customize and adapt for your needs and offer a wide selection of ways for you to communicate whether it is presentations, or a panel discussion in a studio setting.

For your remote online event needs, please email us at or 08-5050 6540

For technical questions or support, email or call us: eller 08-446 63 86


Hybrid meetings and professional streaming services at STOCCC

Stockholm City Conference Center has long offered professional digital meeting opportunities, in collaboration with Informationsteknik .Now there is also a studio environment prepared for everything from a simple webinar, or a live broadcast. The facility also has very good conditions for arranging hybrid events / hybrid meetings, where participants meet both physically and digitally. And all in a safe and secure way!

At Stockholm City Conference Center, there are all possibilities for your digital needs. Contact us and we will tell you more about how we can help you with streaming, recording, video conferencing and live broadcast on Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook. Depending on needs, there are different packages and solutions for both the smaller meeting and the large production.

Book your digital meeting at Stockholm City Conference Center here:

For technical questions or support, email or call us: eller 08-446 63 21 


Studio View gives you the opportunity to arrange a professional virtual meeting/event

Informationsteknik and Quality Hotel has jointly opened “Studio View” in Malmö, Sweden.
The “Ready 2 Use” studio is situated in Hyllie with everything from accommodation to conference services in direct vicinity.
Options are plentiful whether you have the need for a virtual-/hybrid meeting, sales-conference, product launch or an Annual General Meeting.
“Studio View” offers virtual meetings with keynote speakers and panel discussions for an unlimited numbers of participants globally.

For reservation/booking “Studio View” eller 040-37 41 00

For inquiries and booking regarding the technical issues please call: eller 040-614 26 75