Transform learning with weConnect

weConnect enables you as an educator to continue to move freely in the room and to see all your listeners clearly, no matter how many people that are in the virtual classroom. Make eye contact and talk directly with individual students, collaborate on whiteboards and easily show presentations & movies. Your audience can send both public and anonymous questions in chat. You can perform polls and easily see if any participant raises their hand. After the lesson, you can get statistics and results from the lesson.

The solution is scalable, from 6 participants and up. weConnect can be installed as a studio or as part of a classroom.

Pedagogical functions

  • Digital show of hands
  • Direct contact with specific student
  • Divide students into groups
  • Collaborate on digital whiteboard
  • Chat for anonymous & open questions
  • Presentation of documents or film
  • Polls
  • Get statistics from the lesson

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