You might know Sweden as the birthplace of sleek and accessible furniture design, but it’s also home to accessible and user-friendly audiovisual design thanks to Informationsteknik Scandinavia AB. In business since 1989, today Informationsteknik is the largest audiovisual integrator in Sweden with three offices throughout the country.



Informationsteknik is a full-service provider of audiovisual design, installation, and after-market services. The company also rents AV equipment for events of all sizes. The goal of all their services is to bring their customers’ ideas to life, said Charlotte Arvidsson, Director of Marketing at Informationsteknik.

The company’s expertise is on display with two of its most recent projects. Informationsteknik signed a two-year agreement with Stockholm University to build a new campus in Albano, at an order value of over $4 million. The campus will include both educational and research environments that will link Stockholm University with The Royal Institute of Technology. The contract provides AV installations in four buildings that will include modern offices, studies, and learning spaces. The project is slated to be completed in August 2022.

And in September of this year, Informationsteknik will complete an AV integration at The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the location where Nobel Prize announcements take place. The project includes five conference rooms with LED screens and AV over IP solutions, wireless mics, video conferencing systems, and high-quality aesthetic details.

“When you are looking for expertise, we should be the natural choice,” Arvidsson said.

A member of the PSNI Global Alliance since 2018, Informationsteknik also aims to share their knowledge and expertise with fellow members, as well as learn from their global network of partners. To meet their goal of being a thought leader within the industry, the company hosts seminars throughout the year for customers and prospects, covering current topics in the AV industry as well as the latest AV solutions. Informationsteknik also invests in 1,000 hours of technical training a year for integrators and other employees, Arvidsson said.


That attention to training and trends also helps Informationsteknik stay relevant in the ever-changing AV landscape. According to Arvidsson, the company is focusing on the following areas:

  • Developing simple solutions that focus on the user experience
  • Designing touch-free solutions to make tools less complicated and reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria
  • Differentiating itself from other IT companies by maintaining and developing the company’s core competencies in audio and video
  • Implementing large scale projects, including solutions such as AV over IP, centralized control, and collaboration systems with video applications such as Teams and Zoom.

“To stay relevant as an integrator, we need to provide solutions that are easy to use and understand. We need to shift our focus to provide a service rather than just hardware,” Arvidsson said. “And we are already on our way.”

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