Environmental policy

This Environmental Policy is the basis of our environmental thinking. We regard it as a long-term commitment that will be implemented in stages for a cleaner future by:

  • Not only meet regulatory minimum requirements ie environmental laws and regulations, but to go a step further, related to our environmental aspects, where it is technically and economically possible with regard to the environmental benefits.

  • Apply a holistic approach to our services environmental disturbance and make choices that are gentle to the environment.

  • Promote technical solutions, service and other services with the best environmental properties.

  • Conducting environmental work in collaboration with our customers and if necessary also with environmental enforcement, environmental organizations and local residents.

  • Involve and continuous training of all employees in our environmental work.

  • Inform about our activities, production and environmental impact of our services in a transparent and objective manner.

  • Fulfill our environmental policy by working to prevent pollution based on our significant environmental aspects and achieve continuous improvement through ongoing monitoring of our stated objectives and targets.

  • The Managing Director and the management has the ultimate responsibility for environmental policy is documented, implemented and maintained and communicated to all persons working in and on behalf of Informationsteknik Scandinavia AB and that it is available.

Approved by: Patrik Camp, Environmental Manager / 220519

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