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AVIXA, GPA and LLB are all important partners to us. Being a part of international and national networks and organisations gives us valuable expertise and the opportunity to be the leading provider of complex meeting and experience technology in Sweden.

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We are AVIXA Gold Members!

AVIXA is a hub for professional collaboration, information and community. AVIXA is also the leader in AV standards, certification, training, market intelligence and thought leadership. 

Membership gives us access to knowledge and training that benefits our customers and helps us in our ambition to be the leading provider of complex meeting and experience technology in Sweden.

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Informationsteknik is now part of the global organisation GPA

GPA is the world's largest association of AV companies with the goal of providing global companies and organisations with professional installations of AV and Meeting Technology worldwide. Together we can deliver in more than 50 countries and have over 4,000 AV specialists, all working to a high standard of competence and using the same methods and approach.

This means that we can help you as a customer with installation, service and support with a local partner in all locations and countries where you are based. This gives us enormous strength and the ability to act as a very strong partner to your business.

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LLB is a trade association for companies operating in Sweden that provide professional equipment and services in the fields of audio, video, lighting, stage and conference technology, multimedia and musical instruments.

Driving and influencing developments in the industry is something that is important to us as we are convinced that through our involvement, our customers will benefit from the latest and best solutions available on the market.

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