Informationsteknik - Global Story 

Delivering Excellence Globally

With an ever-increasing number of companies looking to expand their operations regionally and globally, business leaders are searching for a better approach to their communication and collaboration technologies to anchor your organization’s modern work strategy.

Whether deploying at scale domestically or globally, a long term “programmatic” approach to deployment and lifecycle management is critical. Adding complexities of culture, geography, financial, and regulatory to a domestic workplace strategy, and complexity, risk, and effort expands significantly. Architecting an enterprise program requires a different level of complexity, strategy, and skill, which is an area that Informationsteknik excels.

Global is a part of our DNA because just as our Informationsteknik brand domestically has become known for delivering excellence and enhancing collaborative outcomes, we become GPA Sweden and GPA Denmark as we transition to the global stage.

Informationsteknik provides professional audiovisual and unified communication services via our Regional Business Units in more than 50 countries and in over 160 major cities globally. With a true global mindset, and over 15 years of international business experience at scale, we have the only true global services delivery model in market that has served over 1,000 financial and industrial customers with their global meeting room strategy.

What Makes Us Different

GPA encompasses almost 30 expert Regional Business Units who deploy and deliver in different regions individually but collectively own GPA B.V. as shareholders – Informationsteknik is GPA in both Sweden and Denmark. Together as globally-aligned businesses we share a single goal: to help you seamlessly and efficiently scale your AV and UC solutions globally.

Informationsteknik has the largest global footprint for audiovisual, unified collaboration, digital media and managed services technology. With our global team, we provide deployment standardization, speed to market, and simplicity that enables enterprise organizations to achieve better outcomes.

As a unified entity with over $1.5B USD in annual revenues, we prioritize collaboration and transparency, avoiding margin stacking on cross-border projects. Through our global processes and workflows, we distribute profits for multinational projects and leverage regional procurement to save costs.

With 35 years of audio visual experience and a team of over 150 professionals, our local Nordic scale and expertise enables us to undertake and successfully execute large and prestigious AV projects.

Joined with a global workforce of over 6,000 AV and UC experts across all of our business units, we distinguish ourselves from other global integrators by employing full-time qualified staff dedicated to serving our global customers. This ensures consistent deployment and delivery across all regions without reliance on third-party contractors.

See just what our capabilities are across each region we have offices here.