Technology, equipment and expertise for meetings and events

With more than 30 years of experience, we know that great meetings and events are no coincidence. Whatever the venue, size and content of your event, Informationteknik can deliver a full-scale technology solution based on your needs and prerequisites.

Our staff has the experience, composure and people skills that, in tense situations, can make the difference between success and failure. Our presence during implementation is discreet and professional. You can focus on the purpose of your event and we'll make sure everything runs smoothly. We can bring a lot of knowledge and creativity that will make your particular event stand out and have a ‘wow’ impact. The earlier we get involved in the planning, the better are the chances of creating a great overall solution.


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Contact us and together we can find the right solution for you! Please read about how we work with our meetings and events.

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We offer rental of various equipment including:

Image technology
Digital meeting systems
Documentation and recording
Facades projections
Camera technology
Conference microphones
Sound systems
Lighting design of environments and scenography
Stage and venue lighting
Scenography and decor
Simultaneous interpretation
Streaming and live broadcasting
Studio solutions
Interpreting equipment

Everything at an event can go wrong, but our statistics show that Informationsteknik is not the factor for that. Informationsteknik stands for professionalism, security in delivery, openness, responsibility, creativity, quality and not least the humor, which means that we continue our fine collaboration with them year in and year out.

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Complete solution for all types of meetings

We help our clients with all kinds of meeting formats, whether you want to meet in person, remotely, or both:

  • Conferences / Congresses
  • Awards / Prize ceremonies / Kick-off
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Capital Markets Days
  • Panel discussions
  • Seminars
  • Training courses

Referens cases

What is included in a comprehensive solution?

When you book a package with us, you get all the equipment you need to run your conference or event smoothly.

Camera equipment

We work with both remote and manned cameras of the highest quality.

Sound systems

With excellent sound systems and audio equipment, we ensure that you are both heard and hear perfectly at every occasion.


Proper lighting is essential for the perfect viewing experience of your participating speakers and/or performers. We will help you!


Create a high quality feel in a studio environment by either renting a ready-made studio or a custom made solution to your specific needs.


Our experienced technicians are present to make you feel confident and secure with the technology equipment.

Project management

We will assist you throughout the process and be your sounding board before, during and after implementation.

We are happy to help you!

Contact us and together we can find the right solution for you!

Conduct meetings from our studios

Do you need to rent a studio? Our studios allow you to film and livestream directly from the location! Our studios are equipped with complete event equipment - camera, sound, lighting and stage props. Our experienced technicians are on hand to make sure you feel safe and secure with the technical equipment. Depending on your event, the studio environment can also be customised to create a high-end feel.

Our technical project managers will help you from idea to implementation.
Contact us for more information or to book.

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Are you looking for an event platform?

If so, our sister company Inadra can offer you the event platform Jirango!

Jirango is one of Sweden’s most widely used event platforms for digital meetings.

Jirango is a third generation event system, built from the ground up based on 25 years of experience from events, congresses and conferences.

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