Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Informationsteknik, it is important for us that we engage in and take social responsibility for how we influence the society in which we work. Environmentally, economically and socially. 
Our focus on working with CSR issues and sustainability goals is embedded in our strategies and goals, and launched in our business. We do this by integrating active work for the promotion of environmental issues, human rights, social responsibility, sustainable business and the fight against corruption into our processes. We believe that many small streams can contribute to results in common goals. Our ambition is to follow established CSR guidelines and standards and several of our own goals are based on supporting the global goals in Agenda 2030.
We also support organizations that work for charity.
We do this in different ways and for different organizations, but the common thread is our desire to support children and young people.

Renewable energy

Hydroelectric power, together with nuclear power forms the basis of the Swedish electricity system. The operation does not cause any carbon dioxide emissions and the water goes back into the river after leaving the turbine. 100% of the electricity we purchase for our facilities in Malmö and Stockholm come from hydroelectric power.

Offsetting our carbon footprint

We offset all our business travel by car and air. Carbon offsetting means that greenhouse gas emissions caused by a company’s travel are compensated by the fact that carbon dioxide is reduced somewhere else in the world. The Vi Agroforestry project for climate compensation called “Trees give Life” and is carried out in the Cager region of Western Tanzania, where sustainable farming methods are developed for trees and crops. Every tree that is planted is vital. The trees improve the climate and that gives people the hope for a better life.


Sjöbo BTK

We support Sjöbo BTK, a broad club with players aged 6 - 75 years. The club strives for a positive feeling for the sport where each player should develop based on their level and their conditions. The community in the various training groups creates a commitment from coaches, players and parents. Although broad training is the foundation of the club, there are role models at the elite level who show that motivation, will, a lot of training and community can lead far. Sjöbo BTK has existed since 1969 and today has about 60 members.


We support Stockholm Streetsoccer FF. The soccer club organizes soccer schools for children born between 2018-2020 where the children have the opportunity to try soccer, and play. Days filled with football tricks, demonstrations and exercises.


Plan International 

By being a sponsor we support Plan Internationals work with the most vulnerable and excluded children, especially girls, with particular focus on gender equality. Plan International wants girls and boys to have the same opportunities in life. They are active in over 70 countries. Last year Plan International’s work reached over 50 million children.

Kids Future - House of Hope

Kids Future collaborate with the Kids Ark Foundation in Thailand, working for children and young people to feel trust and confidence for the future. Kids Ark conducts the Houses of Hope – which is a meeting place for children and adolescents.

The Foundation - FTS Säkra Varje Unge

The foundation FTS Säkra Varje Unge is a non-profit organization with the aim of preventing sexual abuse of children and grooming through preventive work and free education for all adults, children and young people throughout Sweden. The foundation is politically and religiously independent and is based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The Foundation works to prevent sexual exploitation of children through information, seminars and educational materials. We convey information and news to school staff, companies, healthcare staff, etc. We want to increase the understanding and knowledge of those who are affected so that they can have the opportunity for an increased quality of life despite their traumatic experiences.
Everyone should dare to listen and get involved.

Generation PEP

We support Generation Pep’s vision – that all children and youngsters should have the opportunity and desire to live an active and healthy life. Today, only three out of ten youngsters get the recommended amount of physical activity of 60 minutes a day and only one in ten eat enough vegetables, fruits and berries. We want to help to change this! Together we can create a movement for better health!

Aktiv Skola

Aktiv Skola has values based on a holistic definition of the concept of health. This means that everything they do is based on this value system as they endeavour to achieve a higher degree of health of children. They believe that school is the most important place in society where we have a fantastic opportunity to make the health of our children and adolescents a priority.