Sustainability Policy

This policy forms the basis of our approach to sustainable and ethical business practices. For us, sustainability is a concept that combines Ecological, Social, and Economic responsibility under an overarching strategy in the striving for a healthy business and environment. We aim to achieve this by:

  • Taking responsibility for how our business impacts our environment, now and in the future. Taking responsibility for developing our business and our employees in a sustainable way.

  • Not only complying with existing laws and regulations but also being proactive in our sustainability efforts.

  • Being attentive to our stakeholders' sustainability demands and goals.

  • Developing and marketing sustainable solutions in our business offerings.

  • Ensuring that social factors, ecosystems, biodiversity, and human rights are respected in our supply chain through proportional procurement requirements and collaboration.

  • Collaborating with industry, interest organizations, and partners to strengthen collective development and contribute to shared goals.

  • Working strategically to ensure that our sustainability efforts deliver results and achieve set goals. Aligning our goals with globally established sustainability goals.

  • Educating ourselves and promoting knowledge-based decisions. Our employees and our customers shall have the possibility to make sustainable choices.

  • Having leaders and role models within the organization act as ambassadors for good sustainability.

  • Encouraging initiatives that have a positive impact on, or contribute to reducing the negative impact on, people, society, and nature.

  • Being clear in our communication, and reporting our sustainability work and results with transparency and facts.

    Education and knowledge are a basis for making informed choices. Good ambassadorship is a basis for creating positive ripples. When the promotion of ecological, social, and economic sustainability is constantly present in our daily lives, we make a difference.

    Related policies
    Within our sustainability umbrella, there are several subordinate policies and guidelines, including those for Environment, Work Environment, Anti-Corruption, and Codes of Conduct. These are available on our websitehemsida.

Established by: Patrik Camp, CEO / 240521

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