Work environment policy

Informationsteknik Scandinavia AB must consciously work to create job satisfaction, commitment, and opportunities for personal development by:

  • We should not only meet regulatory minimum requirements i.e safety legislation and regulations, but our work must also be good, safe and gender-equal for everyone’s wellbeing, you can and want to work there until retirement.

  • The working environment should be characterized by respect and trust for each other in an open dialogue. No form of harassment is acceptable.

  • Every employee should demonstrate personal responsibility for their own and other employees' health by following our work environment rules and point out improvements and shortcomings for immediate adjustments.

  • Always improve the working environment by Employee Suggestions for improvement, systematic work-environment work and through internal audits.

  • Our work environment shall be pervaded by our values; Open, honest and clear, Keep what you promise, Be helpful and flexible, Include

In order to do a good job, it is important to have good knowledge of the work and to thrive.

Approved by: Patrik Camp, Work Environment Manager | 220519

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