Meeting technology for the digital classroom

Together with training professionals, we have developed a digital tool to teach remotely. The technology is suitable for companies, training centres, schools and universities that need a digital tool to give lessons.

With weConnect you get the right technology to deliver digital teaching in the shape of in-house training, skills development and onboarding for new employees. WeConnect will be your new digital tool to create a better experience.

Educational features

– Digital show of hands
– Direct contact with a specific student 
– Split students into groups
– Collaborate on a digital whiteboard
– Chat for anonymous & open questions 
– Presentation of documents or films
– Polls
– Get statistics from the lesson

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I'm very very satisfied. I even think that this implementation was better than keeping it in the classroom (as I have done on probably 20 occasions before). I have also held shorter trainings per team before but not such a 6-hour training.

Louise Alström, Projektutvecklare Skanska

Stay in direct contact with your students using weConnect

Move unhindered in your equipped room and see your audience clearly, no matter how many people that are in the meeting. Make eye contact and converse directly with individual participants, collaborate on whiteboards and view presentations & videos with ease. Your audience can post both public and anonymous questions in the chat. You can conduct polls and easily see if any participant raises their hand. After the lesson, the training portal provides you with statistics and results from the lesson.

The solution has been developed together with training staff and is scalable with a minimum of 6 people to a maximum of 254. You can choose to install weConnect as a studio or as part of a classroom. Are you ready to create better and more seamless digital lessons for students, staff and other remote participants?


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