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With our digital solutions for meetings there is no need for travel or canceling meetings and events. We offer those who, for whatever reason cannot attend in person, to participate via video meetings and/or streaming.

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Technology for meetings and meeting rooms

We are one of Sweden's leading suppliers of customised solutions of audio, lighting and image technology - whether you're looking for a comprehensive solution or just general technical support. We can offer equipment to rent, installation, service, planning, design and advice. Informationsteknik was formed in 1989 and has 30 years of experience and has a passionate interest in technology. Our levels of excellence enable us to always offer our customers the latest technical equipment.

Informationsteknik has offices in both Stockholm, Malmö and Sandviken. Today we have a total of 61 employees, with the owners also being active team members in the company. We are committed to bringing to life and even improving our customer’s ideas, and through careful aftercare, we guarantee the highest quality – both in terms of products and services. We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Get in touch with us if you are planning a meeting or event and need help with any technical issues you have or even if you just need some fresh ideas!

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Rental and delivery

Whatever the size of your event, Informationsteknik can deliver the technology. We have everything from a small speaker system required at a customer meeting to a complete solution for a large gala with 10,000 visitors. Our team have the experience and superior social skills, delivering your requirements with a cool head, this makes all the difference when striving for a successful event. Our presence during the implementation is discreet and professional. This allows you to focus on the purpose of your event whilst we make sure everything works. We bring the knowledge and creativity that makes your plan stand out from the others and get that sort after wow factor. The sooner we can get involved in the planning, the better the solution will be. Why not visit our showroom where you can get inspiration and ideas!

Amongst other things, we rent equipment for:

  • Audio systems.
  • Lighting rigs for the stage and event areas.
  • Image technology.
  • Documentation, video and recording.
  • Voting.
  • Audience response.
  • Simultaneous translation.
  • Video conferencing.
  • Conference microphones.
  • Translation equipment.
  • Prompter. Command Line Interface.
  • Streaming and live broadcast.
  • Scenography and decor.
  • Façades and water projections.

Installation and customisation

Installations for meeting rooms, auditoriums, shops, conference facilities, hotels or sports halls have different requirements and demand differing technology to be used. We always adapt the equipment requirements to your specification to get the best solution for your individual needs. We make sure you can streamline your meetings and events with simple and user-friendly technology, which in the long run will help make you achieve better results. We will always provide complete documentation to accompany our equipment and all devices are tested prior to use, to minimise any potential problems.

We can help with ideas, advice, design, installation and much more:

  • Total technological solutions for companies, schools, hotels and conference facilities.
  • Exchange and update of old technology.
  • Interactive systems and reservation systems.
  • Control & management systems.
  • AV technology such as projectors, screens and writing boards.
  • Video.
  • Digital signage.
  • Information kiosks.
  • Audio induction loops.
  • Lighting for public events.
  • Sound and audio.
  • Projections.
  • Art Installations.

Service and agreement

Reliability creates a sense of calm. Informationsteknik offers many different levels of service and maintenance of your facilities. Our hassle-free technology will not interfere with your daily business, from a one-off installation to on-going maintenance of your company's meeting room technology, we’ve got it covered.

We offer service agreements for those who require regular checks and ongoing service of installations, as well as on-call services in emergency situations. We also offer operating agreements that cover everything from passive surveillance to 24-hour operation coverage. We can monitor and troubleshoot remotely, via our remote monitoring service, which can be very cost effective for companies. We also have on-demand possibilities where you can get help fast, 24 hours a day via our service portal. In order to maintain the highest level of competence, we are continuously educating our team and always work with the latest technology. We look forward to helping you!

Our modern service portal gives you the help you need 24 hours a day:

  • Services, create cases, follow and see the history of your service issues.
  • Meeting room overview, see up-to-date information about when servicing is due, equipment, costs, etc.
  • Document management, get access to instruction manuals and reports.

Contact Service in Stockholm:
Phone: +46 8 446 63 00

Contact Service in Malmö:
Phone: +46 40 611 50 40

Some of our references


Sprinconf wanted our help symbolising the theme of "growth" at a gala dinner at the Malmö Arena. Our delivered concept consisted of (besides the latest audio, lighting and imaging), 24 projections that appeared to grow out of a huge tree trunk.

Pope Francis

When Pope Francis was visiting Lund and Malmö, Informationsteknik’s assignment was to deliver the latest technology for the event’s press centre and the press conference. We also provided sound and lighting solutions for the stage for the event, held at the Swedbank stadium.

Skanska HQ

Informationsteknik provides all meeting technology to Skanska's new headquarters, approximately 100 meeting rooms, auditorium, sports hall and lounge area now benefit from room booking technology and innovative audio, visual and management solution.

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