Quality policy

We shall give our customers good service and deliver services within Informationstekniks scope of high and accurate quality with high availability and right service level by:

  • Being responsive and flexible through detailed planning during our process from customer inquiry until delivered solution.

  • Follow up with developments in the industry , continually investing in well- structured and maintenanced IT support as well as our employees' skills.

  • Regularly make quality controls in production. If shortcomings are found, they shall be adjusted with no delay.

  • The management ensures that this Quality Policy is known in the company as well as create and maintain resources for compliance and control.

In order to deliver a good service we aim at Informationsteknik Scandinavia AB after an ongoing dialogue with customers , employees and suppliers, constantly become better at meeting customers' needs and put them in the center in all parts of our business.

Approved by: Patrik Camp, Quality Manager / 151116

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